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From past and current Bible students...

"Praise the Lord brethren! I'm Pastor Christopher from Uganda. I started studying the Bible with Dr. Shirley Cheng for free since October 2019. Before joining Dr. Shirley's class, I thought I knew the Bible but that was a wrong perception, brethren! Dr. Shirley helped and shaped me from my then-narrow understanding to now a person with a vast knowledge.

"With only the introduction to Genesis I discovered that for sure I almost knew nothing concerning God's Word; that's when I first learned the detailed answers to all study questions of the Bible chapters, and corrections to my answers, whether they were right or wrong answers, freely without paying a dine!

"Sometimes the lessons that Dr. Shirley sends me make me feel I am in the church listening to a sermon, instead of in a lecture room! One thing I have noticed in my experience studying with Dr. Shirley is that it's too hard to receive her "Excellent" comment to your answer; you can write your answer thinking that this time I'm gonna collect all the "Excellent's" but you end up getting one, if at all.

"I really praise Yahweh for connecting me to such a wonderful teacher of God's Word through my brother Chris Ssemuddu. Now, I boldly teach God's Word with confidence. In conclusion, I want to appeal to whoever is reading my testimonial and would like to add onto what you know concerning God's Word, please contact Dr. Shirley Cheng; she is at your service. Just join her study and you won't regret it."
-Pastor Christopher, Uganda

"Shirley and I were members of a writer's group when she found me. I was asked to join her in a Bible Study on line. At first I was overwhelmed at the idea because I was 70 years old. Yet, something intrigued me about Shirley and her dedication to her ministry to teach and mentor ones for Jesus Christ.

"So, in September of 2011, I cautiously entered a long but wonderful Bible Study with Shirley. We started in Genesis as she asked questions and I answered them for her to be corrected and explained. I am still grateful Shirley would take me on to teach me the Holy Scriptures, as free lessons. We are compatible, since we both use JAWS on our computer which is a program for blind individuals, like Shirley and myself. Sometimes I almost quit, for the passages were difficult for me to grasp, but Shirley's sweet and calm manner inspired me to continue.

"When I consider how much I learned, it is mind-boggling for I had never studied the bible, verse by verse, as we have done. I treasure the times we prayed together and sought answers to our personal petitions. Shirley is not only a most intelligent, diligent teacher, she has become one of my dearest friends. God is so good. He loves me and has brought Shirley in my life to proclaim His love and Glory. By studying the Word of God, I have learned to appreciate and love my God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit. It has been a most marvelous and exciting journey for me to be involved with Shirley, and her precious Bible Study. When we finished the book of Revelation, I was relieved but did not want to stop the study. She has certainly lifted me up, and inspired me to keep on studying the Bible, and share what I have learned for God's glory.

"May others find Shirley, and her ministry, to enhance the Kingdom of God. With love and respect, Frances"
-Frances, USA

"Well, I met Shirley years back when I was not in a good place and googled about bible study partner ...What attracted me was her love for God despite her physical disabilities. I was wowed that she turned it to cap~abilities. My Bible study with her was awesome; it helped me have a deeper understanding of the Bible because after every chapter is a set of questions that sometimes takes you back to what you read , shockingly one might have just skimmed through some verses without realizing you did. I enjoyed my sessions with her very much and encourage others to sign up with her."
-Orie, Nigeria

"I'm grateful to share my testimonial about my privaladge with my bible study since I began with Genesis. I have grown spiritually and mentally and now I know how to handle questions arising from my studies. I pray that Elohim will strengthen Shirley in her teachings and make her lessons reach more people across the globe."
-Eliazer, Kenya

"I have been taking Bible study lessons with Dr. Shirley on and off for years now. I had read some parts of the Bible and never fully understood what was being said until Dr. Shirley started explaining it to me. She makes it easy to understand. She is such a blessing to me and I would recommend her Bible class. Thank you, Dr. Shirley. May The Almighty continue to bless you and your Ministry for you have been a blessing to me."
-Agness, USA

"Yahweh brought Shirley into my life at a time when I had more questions than answers in my walk with Him. You see, I was raised in a Christian home. However, as I grew older, I knew it was time to come to the “party” on my own accord. This realization found expression in questions like “why do we believe what we believe about Yahweh”, “as a text that points to Yahweh, is the Bible even reliable?', etc. One day, I was reading the book of Acts and went online to google something I had read that I didn't understand (I don't remember exactly what that was). While there, I saw Shirley Cheng's website and clicked on it. I read one post, then another, and before I knew it, I had read about 5 or so posts. Furthermore, I saw the option to sign up for Bible study at my own pace, which I did. As I reflect on this experience, I'm thankful that Yahweh has used Shirley to guide me to a better understanding of His character. And thank you Shirley for the kindness and patience with which you helped me understand Yahweh's words."
--Oswald, USA, from Ghana

Testimonials and Thanks from Families Supported by Unite in Love

"You have truly made a difference to us, and we are extremely grateful! We felt that our lives would end when the disease was reported. But because of you, donors--you make our faces shine again. My children are able to eat loaves of bread because of your support. They usually say we have our lovely and caring mother named Shirley in US. They need to meet her, and I usually tell them one day by God's will we will meet."
--Kibet, father of four, Kenya

"My name is Marcy from Kenya. I am a mother of three, two young boys and a little girl approaching 7 months old. When I was expectant with my daughter, my husband threw us out and had a new wife. Life hit rock bottom for us and I sought refuge at a friend's place. Unfortunately, my friend had accrued so much rent arrears and we were forced out. Having nowhere to go and with a new born baby, Unite in Love came in handy for us...provided us with a roof over our head and fed us. It has taken the hand of God that by his grace we live today to appreciate all that has been done unto us. I sincerely appreciate all the donors who have dug deep into their pockets to give hope unto the hopeless. I count myself blessed and a great beneficiary of Unite in Love for when I gave birth to my daughter,I developed health complications (post-partum haemorrhage) and the bill grew bigger...Unite in Love gave me the courage to go on each day fighting for better days,it helped foot my hospital bills. To date I am grateful for what Unite in Love does to people like me...its impact is felt worldwide,and what else could we do or say? A word of gratitude to our God whose providence has always been upon us and his usage of Unite in Love as a vessel to reach us. I am humbled. May God richly bless all the selfless donors who have always given as a chance to stay hopeful."
Marcy, mother of three who also looks after two other kids, Kenya

"Since May last year I, my family and my ministry have been helped and supported by Unite in Love, through the blessings and the will of our donors. The whole of these days I eat; also have received all kinds of support from Unite in Love (for hospital bill, seeds for planting and fertilizers). I also introduced Obonyo's family to this ministry as they have also been supported through this ministry. They are suffering from elephantiasis; they are really suffering as they are not able to raise funds for hospital bills, but Unite in Love has been close to them through your support (donation). On behalf of Obonyo's family, thanks to all and may all the blessings of God be with you."
--Geoffrey, father of nine, Kenya

"First of all I am thankful to God who is very merciful and loves us very much. I am also thankful to sister Shirley Cheng. She is also merciful and she loves humanity, helping and struggling for needy and poor people. I am also very thankful to donors who are donating to sister Shirley Cheng for needy peoples and sick and disable peoples. For one year sister has been helping with food money nine families, and another one recently; not only helping with food but for one disable person helped with wheelchair, and for one lady with walker and medicines, and helps three families in house rent."
--Khan, Pakistan

"By the time Unite in Love found me, I and my family was hopeless, struggling with what to eat. We were in house rent arrears and the landlord had given us an eviction letter to vacate his house by September 1, 2020!

"As the fundraiser comes close to a year, I take this golden opportunity to thank all our gracious donors who have sacrificially stood with us in providing us with foodstuffs, house rent, medication, a Solar Cooker, and covering our pit latrine hole.

"Our prayers for our gracious donors is always that Yahweh meet you at your point of need--Proverbs 19:17: "He who has pity on the poor lends to Yahweh; He will reward him."

"May Yahweh abundantly bless all our gracious donors in Jesus' Name.

"Dear Dr. Shirley thank you so much for thinking about the less privileged by founding Unite in Love fundraiser to care for our needs; for sure you're brother's keeper and a real friend, for a friend in need is a friend indeed!"

"Thank you for wiping tears from our eyes, satisfying the empty stomachs and putting a roof over us. Thank you for your faithfulness towards Yahweh, our gracious donors and to us; you're such an amazing vessel, Sister. May God Almighty bless you spiritually, physically and materially in Jesus' Name."
--Pastor Christopher , father of five, Uganda

"I met Dr. Shirley on the 28th of June, 2020, in a group on Facebook. It was during the lockdown when I hardly fed well as a breastfeeding mom together with my two older daughters. We had to starve because I had no hope as a single mother of three girls that was abandoned by her husband. The first day I spoke to Dr. Shirley about our situation, she felt pity for us and started feeding me and my girls immediately, and also helped us on the 22nd of December, 2020, to pay our rent for 6 months. She feeds us every month and provides for us medically through the Unite in Love fundraiser.

"From the bottom of my heart I'm grateful. I and my daughters really appreciate your concern, help and support. Thank you so very much for your love and support to me and my daughters through your donations when we thought all hope was lost. I could remember how my girls used to cry because of hunger. I can't thank you Angels enough. May the almighty God continue to bless you and your family in abundance in Jesus' name, amen."
--Faith, mother of three, Nigeria

"Hello to every person whose heart's been touched who's been donating to me and my family and other people living in my community through Shirley Cheng (Unite in Love fundraiser). The fundraiser has been a blessing to me and my family and other people within my community. All I can say is thanks much for your help toward families around the world. May the almighty God bless every supporter because your donation brings smiles to our faces. To Shirley, may the almighty God give you strength to keep running your project and I pray that by His grace it will grow bigger and turn into an organization worldwide."
--Moses, Liberia

"After I was forced to stop working because of the pandemic, Cheng has been very supportive to my family, including my grandmother I stay with. Here's my grandmother's words in our local language: mbuyamonomaraika oyo, as ogokonya kwao asende, nkoragera. Na gwesibi, amo namabuta Amaya nkweaka. Unite in Love has really played a major role of seeing to that people not go hungry. Thanks so much."
--Jackline, mother of three, Kenya

"Praise God, I'm grateful for your kind support to our kids and family. It has been so difficult for us, but we thank God for your generous support which helped us with some money for food. I also received some money for the kids who were sick but have recovered. May the Lord bless you abundantly."
--Pastor Jared, Kenya

"Thanks for the help to all the persons who are sent by God. I'll never forget donors' help. Thanks from my family."
--Hariganesh, father of two, India